After Beyonce’s performance at the Cochella Music Festival the internet broke out with pictures, videos and ratings.(In Nigeria we can say “na Beyonce way be that”).

It makes one wonder, how can this be your way? How can you become the biggest name in your industry? How can your children born and unborn call you blessed? How can you have 30 billion in your account? How can you blow? These are a few questions that run through our minds daily.

Beyonce has been around for over two decades, we might not know or like everything about her but here are five lessons we should take from her Cochella Performance;

Lesson 1: BE YOU: Beyonce was the first black  woman to perform at Cochella. She was not scared of her black heritage or being a woman. Just BE YOU!!!
It does not matter if you are just starting out in business or if you someone else is copying you. Just keep being you.

Lesson 2: YOU NEED A TEAM: Being able to perform with over 100 dancers and give us such an internet breaking performance is worth applauding.
Whether you have 2 staff or no staff at all, get people that you can share your vision with. They could be family, friends, accountability partners. In this knowledge economy you need people.

Lesson 3: HARD WORK: Take a good look at Beyonce(when done blow), yet every time she shows up she raises the bar. It comes from the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, the grinding and sweatin
For you to blow, you must always bring your best foot forward. for every banana bread you supply or every dress you make ensure your customer leaves satisfied.

Lesson 4: CONSISTENCY: Queen Bey has been with us for over two decades. We knew her when she was a with Destiny Child, we knew her when she was dating Jay Z, we knew when she got married gave birth and till now she is still doing music.Please keep showing up, what ever happens just don’t give up.

Lesson 5: GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND: We were not at Cochella, we are yet to met but we have watched her videos,listened to her songs, read her interviews all thanks to the internet
Keep researching on latest trends in your business so that you can be innovate.

Knowledge without Application ISSAWASTE.