Our Customized services are designed to help Small business owners learn, thrive and impact their generation

Our Accounting Services


Do you desire to know the profitability and net worth of your business? You will also be given a manual to guide your business’ accounting procedures,then subscribe to this plan.

Do you have different segments in your business and will like to know how profitable the various segments are?

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Choose this plan if in addition to knowing how profitable your business is you want to know your net worth, you have various segments you will love to compare their profitability and expenses.

That is not all, every month a bank reconciliation statement and a budget will be prepared for you.

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Our Statutory Services


This is for  you if you are a one man business and you desire a fast and less formal way  to register your business.

This is for you if you intend to carry on business based on the simple art  of buying and selling

For business name the business is not a seperate legal entity from the owner

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Once a Limited Liability Company is registered it is conferred with legal personality, it can sue and be sued.

It can buy properties in its name.

The death of any member of the company doesnt mean death of the company

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Do you have staff, and calculating all the statutory deductions monthly gives you a headache? Then this is for you.

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Our Tax Services

We will help your register with your relevant tax authority.

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*FCT Only*

Every month the tax law requires businesses to remit and file certain taxes if not interests will accrue.

*FCT only*

Do you desire to be tax compliant?

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The 31st of March every year is the due date for filing your income tax(Tax on the profit you made) if you are registered as a business name.

It is called Direct Assessment

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We help our clients to file their company income taxes so they can concentrate on the core of their business.

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For your LTD Company Annual income tax called Company Income Tax (30% of your  profit).

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Become the Boss of your Tax Affairs

File your Taxes Yourself even

…if you hate numbers

…if you are not accountant

…if tax officials have used you to shine in the                        past

…if you are an accountant and you think                               Nigeria Tax Laws is very hard


Learn how to master and be in control of your business from Experts